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Miranda Hogeboom takes care of the online marketing at DigiContact. DigiContact offers 24/7 remote support for people with intellectual disabilities, by means of an advanced way of (video) calling. It is a service of the Stichting Philadelphia Zorg, where she also fulfills the role of marketer. She has been using PostSpeaker for both DigiContact and Philadelphia since 2020.

Why did you choose PostSpeaker?

“I looked at several tools and what struck me about PostSpeaker was the user-friendliness and that it is a Dutch tool. That also makes it easier to make tailor-made agreements.”

What do you use the tool for?

“We would like to increase the visibility of Philadelphia and DigiContact. LinkedIn is a good medium for this. We would like our employees to be active on that platform. With PostSpeaker we make it easy for them. I notice that they are curious about who is responding to their messages and responding to them again. PostSpeaker is a kickstarter to make employees more active on LinkedIn.”

How important is that convenience for your employees?

“They are people who are hands-on. Communication is not their core business. That’s why they like it when someone creates and prepares messages for them. It is important that they indicate what they want to share. And they do. I don’t have to come up with the topics myself. Often a participant changes something in a prepared message, so that it connects even more with his/her network. It’s a kind of co-creation.”

Do you also use PostSpeaker to recruit staff?

“Yes, sometimes for difficult-to-fill vacancies via all participants. For the recruiters I make messages about the labor market and we share some more vacancies. We notice that the number of clicks on these messages is high. You can monitor that very well within PostSpeaker.”

Approximately how many posts do you share?

“At the moment two or three per week per promotion team. We now have three promotion teams, the Philadelphia team, the DigiContact team and the recruiter team. You are dealing with personal accounts, so you should not post too many messages. It is emphatically my intention to make people more active on LinkedIn, not to take over their entire account.”

How many employees joined your promoter team?

“At the moment 50. All promoters that I recruited during the basic LinkedIn training I give. From time to time I write a message for My Philadelphia, the intranet of Philadelphia, to recruit new participants. But 50 is also enough. You shouldn’t see the same message too often.”

How do the promoters respond?

“They are positive, they like to participate. So far, few promoters have dropped out. And those who did stop using PostSpeaker give as reason that they have become more active on LinkedIn themselves. And that is ultimately what we do it for.

In the monthly reports I send, I ask if they know other people who would like to participate. And that’s how I get new registrations. That wouldn’t happen if they weren’t positive.”

What result have you achieved?

“If you multiply the number of connections from the 50 promoters by the number of posts we shared, we had a potential reach of 125,000 in the last month. We also had a lot of clicks on the messages. If you had to pay for that, you would lose a lot of money. I also hear it a lot that people have seen us pass by.”

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