Employee advocacy

This is how you build a consistent brand voice

As a brand you want to be strong. very strong. Visible and recognizable. With such a clear signature that everyone knows exactly what you stand for. That a single word is enough to know it’s about you. Condition for all that beauty? For starters, a consistent brand voice. However, getting them can be quite difficult if you want to use colleagues as brand ambassadors. How do you create one clear and powerful voice with so many voices?

Back to that visibility and recognizability. Originally, that was really something for consumer brands. But with the increasing complexity and quantity of products and services, they play an increasingly important role in the business world. After all, transparency is declining, and competition is increasing.

Take the market for software tools for marketers. Just under three years ago, at least 5,000 tools were available, also known as the Martech 5000. Last year, 2,000 tools were added. And another 1,000 this current year. It is like an accelerated expansion of the universe and as a marketer you no longer see the tools because of the tools.

Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2020)

The rise of employee advocacy

Visibility, recognizability and distinctiveness are more important than ever. And harder than ever to box together. We B-to-B marketers usually don’t have mega budgets for expensive advertising agencies and campaigns. We are do-it-yourselfers: we create our own content and try to bring it to the attention via social media and as organically as possible.

In doing so, a new member of the B-to-B marketing branch has emerged: ‘employee advocacy’. A real new discipline in which you deploy employees to convey the message of your brand in an authentic way, preferably on social media.

Smart, every employee has a few hundred connections and a message delivered by a famous person is simply more credible and reliable than an advertising message or message from an organization itself.

Consistency requires control

Yet, with a large group of employees whose primary role is not to be a brand ambassador, speaking with one strong and clear brand voice can be a particularly challenging one. It’s a bit like a coachman driving dozens of horses.

You will have to get control. And on the following matters:


In fact, you want to be able to do whatever you can with an ad campaign. But without the disadvantages of advertising and with the advantages of employee advocacy. Of all the 8,000 marketing tools that you can choose from as a marketer, there is one tool that can do that: PostSpeaker.

And it works this way:

Build your consistent brand voice with PostSpeaker. Start your trial today and sign up here.

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