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QSN. Specialist in compliance and certification

Tessy Derks is a Digital Marketeer at QSN and has been using PostSpeaker since the spring of 2020. QSN is the national consultancy for strengthening business processes and guiding you towards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, NEN 7510 and ISO 27001 certificates. about 28 employees.

“A contact of mine pointed me to PostSpeaker as a handy tool to get content shared. Our people are consultants who work all over the country, for various projects and are not always in the office. They want to share, but it just doesn’t always work. With PostSpeaker you facilitate them and you don’t have to keep chasing them. I then took out a trial subscription and asked my colleagues what they think. They were enthusiastic and we eventually started using the tool.”

What do you use the tool for?

“From a marketing and sales perspective, we want to work more on visibility and branding. For the most part, it concerns substantive articles that we want to make known via LinkedIn. These may concern a new certification standard or a change in the law. Real content marketing and no advertising. The consultants want to share valuable content and not act as a sales channel.”

And approximately how many posts do you share?

“In the beginning it was a bit of a struggle: how many messages can you place on their accounts? We ended up with two a week. People think that’s fine.”

Do you also use PostSpeaker for vacancies?

“Occasionally yes, if a boost is needed. But I don’t think we should do that too often. If a vacancy has to be shared, I spread the placements over time.”

Who did you invite to join?

“I started with a pilot group of 10 people. About 6 people have been added. They signed up themselves, without me having to lobby. It offers them convenience and they stand behind what is posted. Some want to share a post themselves, manually and that’s fine too.

I have created several promoter teams, because an MT member wants to share something different than, for example, a consultant. It is important that the content suits their own customers.”

What result have you achieved?

“Besides the convenience for my colleagues, we have realized more traffic to the site: in the first three months that we used PostSpeaker, more than twice as much!”

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